Chef-driven restaurants are commonplace. What would a chef-driven market look like?

That was the question chefs and longtime friends Michael Mina and Don Pintabona asked each other. 

The answer to their chef-driven question:

The produce would be organic and seasonally grown by nearby farmers. The seafood would come fresh from local waterways. Meats would be sustainably raised and highest quality. Grocery and retails products would be curated by chefs and created by artisans in the community where the market is based. Guests would have confidence going into the kitchen knowing their ingredients were easier to prepare and enjoy because chefs had done the legwork of finding the best ingredients available.

From that idea, Locale Market was born.

When The Edwards Group began to renovate the BayWalk entertainment plaza in 2011 to create the Sundial lifestyle center, it selected Locale Market to be the premiere neighborhood shopping and dining destination in downtown St. Petersburg.

The result is a 20,000-square-foot culinary immersion for food lovers who love to cook and eat. The market strikes the balance between the artful world of creative inspiration and the grounded, approachable products that cover everyday needs.

Effortlessly combining a neighborhood market and farm-to-table restaurant, Locale Market has solidified itself as a culinary destination for all.